Home Technician Computer Repair Software 3.2

Home Technician Computer Repair Software 3.2



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Date Added:03 May, 2013



Home Technician Computer Repair Software provides How To Solutions from experienced technicians and explained with step-by-step instructions that show you how to fix your own computer using industry acclaimed and technician selected FREE software form our Home Technician Software Library. Computer Repair Software Instructional How To Guide with Computer Repair Emergency DVD. View Emergency Recovery How To procedures on your TV. Prevent Computer Problems to Save Time Money and Frustration Find, Remove and Prevent Viral Infections Use industry acclaimed freeware programs to monitor, protect and tune-up your from our PC Software Library Discover and control what's running one your PC Perform routine maintenance to extend the life of your PC Protect Your Computer From the Internet Monitor and update your Internet browser and plug-ins Enhance internet search and surfing protection Stop "drive-by" website infections, malware pop-up and tro Stop malware from "phoning home" Tune-up Your Computer For Free Speed-up your computer Remove junk and dangerous temporary internet files and clutter Clean and optimize the Windows registry Increase disk file access speed Upgrade or Replace PC components for increased performance Backup Your Computer and Your Important Files Quickly recover from a hard disk crash or infection Schedule and perform incremental and full system backups Recover selected files and folders Create and use crash recovery disks Watch Recovery How To Videos On Your TV Or Other Computer Find and Remove persistent infections from Windows Fix computer boot (start-up) problems Bare metal PC recovery after a system crash or computer theft Rescue computer data and backup files from your PC before re-installing Windows if you have no backup Fix Windows Registry corruption that prevents Windows from starting up Upgrade and Replace RAM memory, hard drives, power supllies and more Receive Tech Talk and First Alert Newsletters
Requirements: 512 meg RAM Memory

Systems: WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64

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